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The EVOLVE team have a wealth of experience leading teams within both clinical and community settings as well as consulting in areas such as behaviour management, mental Health, intellectual disability, autism, dementia and forensic psychology. Our expertise in 'real-life' clinical settings enables us to remain at the cutting edge of evidence based practice from the world wide psychological knowledge literature base. 


At EVOLVE we have close links to a wide variety of experienced professionals from different backgrounds including voluntary, public and private sector healthcare, Business, and the legal profession who provide us with the most up-to-date relevant input. This ensures we are providing a relevant, holistic approach which is known to produce the best results.


We offer a world class, Gold Standard service and pride ourselves on our ability, as experts, to unlock the potential and empower your workforce to deliver the best possible service for your organisation's clients.



Case study

Consulting on the creation of a large Supported Living service with a focus on a Psychology Informed Environment (PIE).

In our work with a large organisation we consulted on the physical environment of a new building project and developed person-centered care and support packages for several individuals on the autism spectrum (ASD).


Together we helped newly recruited staff teams to build the skills, confidence and resilience to a point where they can deal effectively with challenging situations as and when they arise. At the same time we worked with service Directors developing policy and procedures to ensure a service which was both congruent and robust for the 21st century. We continue to provide ongoing group supervision and reflective practice sessions at both Director and Support Worker level,.

Who's who


  • Darragh McCullagh - Behaviour Support. Director

Darragh is an experienced Behaviour Support Specialist with special interests in the areas of human rights and promoting minimal restrictive practices in care settings.


  • Jonathan McGookin -  Behaviour Support. Director

Jonathan is an experienced Behaviour Support Specialist with special interests in working with families and promoting good Mental Health for individuals with Autism and/or Learning Disabilities.

  • Dr Damien McCullagh - Clinical lead

Damien is a Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 30 years experience. He leads the Clinical team. Dr McCullagh is an expert in the assessment and treatment of people in all the major areas of Health Care, with specialities in the areas of Autism; forensics; challenging behaviour; physical interventions and dementia.

  • Robert Middleton - Occupational Therapy


Robert is an experienced Occupational Therapist with a specialist interest in Sensory Integration and Positive Behaviour Support.

  • Kathryn Rainey - Speech and Language Therapist


Kathryn is an experienced Speech and Language Therapist with a particular experience of working with individuals on the Autism spectrum in various settings.