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Mental health awareness


This course explores the concept of mental health and it's implications on everyday wellbeing. It is set at a generic foundation/introductory level and would be accesible for various participants within different settings (e.g. support worker, project workers, team leaders)


The course structure is as follows:


- Mythbusters: What are the myths surrounding mental illness?


- What is good mental health?

- What is mental ill health?

- Who dignoses mental illness?

- What are the statistics?


- What are the difficulties in spotting mental illness?

- What are the pitfalls in mental health assessment?


- What causes mental illness?

- The medical model

- The biopsychosocial model

- How does mental illness affect the brain?


- Depression

- Anxiety disorders

- Pyschotic disorders

- Dementias

- Other conditions - Personality disorders, Eating disorders


- The seven stage approach to monitoring mental health


- Assessing mental health through the use of rating scales


- How is mental health treated?

- Biological interventions

- Psychological interventions

- Social interventions


- Proactive strategies to increase mental and emotional health.





A more in-depth training course for experienced staff is available on request






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