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Whether your organisation is just starting out, or established and struggling a bit
Whether you are preparing for an upcoming inspection or simply wanting to ensure you are at the cutting edge of best practice
We can offer a professional and friendly review of a specific service, organisation, or even the supports around an individual
  • Problem solving and culture shift
  • Management, Supervision and Governance
  • Policies, Procedures and guidelines
  • Training and skills development
  • Positive Behaviour Support, Restrictive Practices and Human Rights
With access to a full multi-disciplinary team, as well as experienced Senior Managers from both the public and private sectors, we are well placed to identify areas for improvement, and more importantly (and we believe uniquely) to assist in partnering with you in addressing each area.
We provide solutions rather than simply highlighting problems!

Just some of the areas we can help with

Change Consultancy and ongoing Support

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