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Autism Awareness


This course expolres the autism spectrum and how it can impact an individual's life. There are many myths and half-truths surrounding autism and we aim to pick these apart and provide participants with a succinct knowledge of the most up-to-date thinking around this condition. This is an introductory/foundation level course on autism and proves very useful for a wide vartiety of professionals and support level staff.


The course structure is as follows:


- Autism myths, errors and facts

- The history of the term 'autism'

- Autism as a spectrum condition


- Autism and x's and o's


-Theories around the cause of autism

- Triad of impairment

- Theory of mind

- Caetaexia (context blindness)

- Neurological difference theory


- When autism is an advantage


- Sensory issues and autism

- Hypo v hyper sensitivity

- Sensory overload

- Sensory issues and perception


- Autism: What we know and what we don't know


- Autism: the quest for predicability

- Schedules and routines

-  Should schedules be set in stone?


- How do we communicate?

- Differences in communciation and autism

- How can we improve the communication process?


- Conducive states

- Conducive states and autism


- Autism and transitions

- How do neurotypical people deal with transition?

- What can we do to smooth transitions?


- Autism and girls

- Is the 4:1 gap valid?

- Are there girls slipping through the net?





A more in-depth training course for experienced staff is available on request


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