Positive Behaviour Support 

At EVOLVE we are passionate about the ethical management of behaviours that challenge. We take a holistic approach to the management of behaviour that is rooted in positive psychology. We can provide attendees with both the knowledge and physical skills to deal effectively with challenges of all levels in a non-aversive, person centered and effective manner, as well as the best strategies to prevent reoccurrences. Areas covered include:

- Recognising the signs of mental distress

- Causes of behaviour that challenge

- Functions of behaviour that challenges

- What every individual needs to be healthy and happy

- The psychology of stress and anxiety and their impact on behaviour

- Effective assessment and recording

- Proactive and reactive strategies for the management of crisis

- Managing the emotional fallout following crisis and building resilience (staff and service users perspective)

- Using the GEARS approach to safely manage behaviour that challenges

- Functional analysis and reducing harmful behaviours ethically