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GEARS Positive Behaviour Support 









At Evolve APC we have developed a clinically eclectic and trauma informed approach that is dedicated to the ethical management of crisis situations. We draw upon expertise from clinical/forensic psychology, behaviour support, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. We have many years’ experience of both overseeing interventions as well as ‘on-the-ground’ support.


We have worked with various approaches during the last 15 years and have implemented and utilised their structures and philosophies with varying degrees of success. We have always believed there was room to develop a training course that draws from the best, and to update and improve this to create a gold standard intervention system that is a balanced, effective and ethically sound approach to both proactive and reactive management of behaviours of concern.














We have worked with carers and staff teams across the care spectrum to refine our approach. Furthermore, we have worked at an organisational level with management boards; restructuring total company approaches to crisis management and beyond.

We have developed a three-tier approach to physical intervention training that is founded on a biopsychosocial model that is fully informed by the human rights legislation. The three tiers involve the following:


Tier 1

A two-day course that teaches the fundamental skills required to proactively manage crisis situations. It covers all core elements of the GEARS approach up Level 3 (physical disengagement)


Tier 2

A three-day course that teaches the fundamental skills required to proactively manage crisis situations. This course teaches the physical disengagement skills required to break away from crisis situations. Furthermore, the third day will focus on an ethical, non-aversive standing procedure designed to safely escort individuals in crisis away from high risk situations.


Tier 3

An additional day added on to the standard three-day course that would incorporate the teaching of bespoke physical skills required to manage the most significant/risky physical challenges. We are clear that we will not teach prone/supine restraints, however, pending detailed risk assessments and clear rationale for additional interventions we could develop and teach further skills to select groups of staff members that will be supporting the most complex individuals. This additional day will also incorporate detailed and focused teaching of the law in relation to these interventions.


Gears Coaching programme (2 days)

Open to selected individuals who have completed our 4 day GEARS course.  The coaches training programme can be useful to embed a coach (or coaches) within services. Ongoing support for more complex services. We also have a programme to embed

Coaches have regular supervision from Evolve and can advise other staff on an ongoing basis.

Evolve GEARS coaches training breakdown







Family support is a real passion of ours, and we take great pride in leading the way in Northern Ireland in this area.


Family support pack

The creation and implementation of a congruent and holistic multi-disciplinary strategy to deescalate tensions, reduce risks and increase both quality of life and skills for all involved in care. The following is available together or separately as needed.

  • Positive Behaviour Support. Creation of a Psychologist led Crisis intervention plan, and the creation of bespoke stress and coping plans.

  • Occupational Therapy, An Occupational Therapist led sensory assessment and sensory diet creation.

  • Speech and Language Therapy. An Speech and Language Therapist led communication strategy, including the creation of any materials or visuals.


GEARS Positive Behaviour Support Training for families. A 2-day GEARS course adapted for families. This course covers adapted theory and physical skills that can help families to cope with both emotional and physical challenges.


Uniquely our approach delivers a robust and human rights based training that can be utilised in the home by families and carers, as easily as in clinical settings.


A new approach to crisis management and positive behaviour support

GEARS Family Supports

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