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Self-harm & Mental health

A practical support guide

Our mental health and Self-harm training is proving extremely popular, providing practical tools and skills for support staff at all levels. Could your staff benefit?


Check out the Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge based outcomes
• Define self-harm and self-injurious behaviour

• Define good and poor mental health

• Demonstrate awareness about specific groups who can be affected by
• Recognise some of the myths around suicide and self-harm
• Demonstrate an awareness of how to support an individual practically, both in a moment of crisis, and long term using the training and skills provided.

• Understand how people can help as an individual;
• Understand how organisations can help

• Understand the role of crisis teams and how to access them
• Demonstrate understanding around assessing and managing risk around those who self-harm

Behaviour based outcomes
• Apply the theoretical knowledge to real life situations utilising the training and tools provided

• Understand that each individual is unique and that staff members need to be aware of this and adapt their behaviour to best meet the individual’s needs.

• Understand how to communicate effectively with someone who is in distress.


Attitudinal based outcomes
• To promote and develop knowledge based empathy and understanding

• Be aware of the common myths surrounding self-harm

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