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A Small selection of training we provide
We have a wealth of experience training and supporting organisations, staff teams and families, working with both the public and private sectors. We deliver training using a variety of different methods that include digital presentations, group work, videos and written flip charts. We aim to make our training as enjoyable as possible and structure our courses in a way that provides the ideal learning environment. 


Mental Health Awareness

We offer training in a wide range of mental health areas, including: Mental health awareness, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Stress, Depression, Mindfulness, Anxiety & Phobias. The training can be tailored to meet your needs.


We have special expertise in mental health problems in individuals with a learning disability

Autism Awareness

We offer autism awareness training, and can also offer bespoke training in targeted areas, such as: autism friendly environments, Sensory issues & autism, transitions & autism and Positive Behaviour Support and autism

Trauma Awareness Training

Traumatic events can be one off serious incidents or involve many repetitive exposures for a significant part of the individual's life. It can leave psychological scars that outlast any physical manifestation. This course examines the impact of trauma on the individual's emotional and physical wellbeing and offers advice on short and long term strategies to manage the distress associated with the trauma.



Our person centererd Dementia training is based on the most up to date research and designed to empower through understanding.

Sexuality & Relationships

Sexuality and relationships can be an important

part of a fulfilling life for many of us. It can also however be a bewildering minefield of urges and emotions. A learning disability can increase the confusion for an individual, and for care givers, around how best to educate and support. This training dovetails with recent and upcoming

changes in legislation to create a sound template for approaching the issue to suit each individual.

Positive Behaviour Support



Our Positive Behaviour Management

training focuses on the causes and function

of behaviours that challenge. We aim to empower attendees to help an indidual in crisis in a confident and person centered manner. With a focus on proactive and reactive behaviour support plans, restrictive practice reduction and Human Rights.

Bespoke training

We have vast experience in the creation and delivery of first class training in all area related to Psychology and wellbeing. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.

Human Rights, Capacity and Restrictive Practice


What is a restrictive practice? What type of restrictive practices are there? What are the relevant pieces of legislation I need to be aware of?


These questions are explored in a human rights led assessment of restrictive practice. This course can be tailored for staff 'on-the-ground' or at a managerial/organisational level.

Mandatory training, individual or 2 day course to cover all

We can offer Mandatory workplace training as a package or on an individual basis. All training courses are structured around current RQIA/HQIA/CQC requirements.

First Aid

Moving and Handling


Good record keeping

Vulnerable adults training

Value based support


Self-harm - A practical support approach, including ligature training

A guide to understanding self-harm and a practical approach to supporingt individuals in distress.

Team building and Group Supervision workshops

We offer fun-filled, focused team building days that are geared to allow staff time to develop in a relaxed atmosphere and complete some reflective practice. 

This can be done in a joint fashion with a focus on organisational processes such as feedback sessions, top-down v bottom-up analyses, communication realignment skills.

We aim to to empower staff teams , at all levels, to contribute to the development of a healthier, more focused and effective service.

Similing Team
Get in touch to book or for more information


Paul - Learning Disablity Nurse and parent/carer

" A fantastic  course. I really feel this will help us to improve behaviours at home and lead a more harmonious life.


Thankyou so much!"

Roger - Support Worker

"This training developed my knowledge and confidence to work in an often challenging environment. It also reminded me that I can make a difference every day, and why I chose to do this work in the first place."

Sara,  Service Manager

"An excellent three day course; usually three days training in a row is a chore but the time flew by as it was so relevant to my job. The trainers used real life examples that applied theory to reality and provided us with lots of practical advise to use when I get back to work. Great job!"

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