Consulting & Partnering



We specialise in partnering with your organisation. Our skills and expertise become your skills and expertise.








We are constantly striving to be:

- Evidence Based: We use strategies that are evidenced by both research and direct experience to provide  robust, effective interventions.


- Bespoke: We aim to tailor support specifically for you


- Person-centred: Above all else we believe in a respectful, person-centered and non-aversive approach to Supporting individuals, keeping restrictions and physical interventions to an absolute minimum. 



We offer a wide variety of consultancy work in various different areas. We strive to provide a holistic person-centred service that includes all relevant parties at all stages. An example of some of the areas where we currently offer consultancy are:



  • Transitions: Significant life changes can cause a great del of stress, it is essential that transitions are well planned out in order to reduce the impact on an individual's wellbeing. We have a large amount of experience developing bespoke transition plans for people moving to new places in their lives, both psysically and emotionally. These can take many forms; such as moving from a hospital setting into a new home in the community or moving from children's serivces to adult services. Where possible, keeping families involved, and at the heart of our work is key.



  • Behaviour that challenges: Managing challenging behaviour can be one of the most stressful experiences within a home or healthcare setting. It is distressing for the individual themselves and puts a significasnt degree of pressure on family members, staff teams, individual staff members and services as a whole. We have a significant amount of experience supporting services and families through these difficult stages. We take a holistic approach, led by our psychological knowledge, that aims to provide enhanced skills and strategies to cope more effectively for all concerned, and to plan ahead from a calmer place.



  • Organisational Practices and ongoing support: We can offer expert Multi-disciplinary support at service inception and on an ongoing basis to organisations under our clear and concise GEARS model. This ensures that staff training, behaviour support plans and organisational policies can work together to create a congruent, person-centered approach. There has been, and will continue to be significant changes to legislation that governs healthcare/support services, such as the upcoming mental capacity bill. We have experience of acting as independent observers of organisational practices and providing advice/guidance on how structural changes can have a significant impact on service user wellbeing, staff wellbeing and retention, costing etc.




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