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RESET Programme

Man Reaching Star
RESET is a one day workshop we have successfully run throughout the UK and Ireland to improve staff resilience and workplace culture.

Care or support work, at all levels, is a calling rather than a job. A very rewarding and worthwhile calling, but often a very challenging one and sometimes this can lead to frustration and a breakdown in communication within teams.

Aims of RESET workshop

* Acknowledge concerns and allow space for emotional debrief and trauma supports. For every concern raised, we will discuss as a group, and bring a positive, proactive and realistic list of suggestions and hopes to senior Management. Problem aware but solution focused!

* Mental Health awareness focusing on self care, and stress Management DIY tools to bring away.

* Rediscover our passion and shared purpose together. As a group; come up with a refreshed mission statement that reminds us what brought us to the job, and the good we can do.

We can work with the Management team if to implement any resulting changes.
Resilience and rebuilding requires first acknowledging the issues, and then making solution focused plans of change. This is a course we are very proud of. It aims to allow a team be be heard, and their issues validated, before empowering them to be instrumental in finding solutions.

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